Therapeutic Massage

My mission is to provide women in the Triangle area in NC with the best massage service. I believe  that natural therapy is the best and safest way to reach optimal health.   The main goal of therapy is to relieve muscle pain, improve circulation, and improve the range of motion for body joints. To achieve these goals, I use different techniques including soft tissue manipulation, trigger point release, circulatory and lymphatic decongestion, active and passive muscle stretching, and hot therapy.   I tailor a session plan for every woman based on her condition and needs.


Lymphedema Treatment

Lyphedema is a medical condition that causes swelling of any part of the body due to blockage of the lymphatic system draining. A common example is arm lymphedema after breast cancer surgery. The typical treatment plan mainly consists of manual decongestion followed by wrapping of the affected limb. Treatment continues for a number of sessions until the limb size is under control. This stage is followed by prescription of a compression garment and follow-up visits if needed.


Free consultation is always available for new clients and patients to evaluate benefits of the therapy, expectations, payment plans, and insurance coverage.

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